July 11 2013, categoría: Press Releases, por: English
Aramis-International is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Morris as the new national leader for the United States of America. Tim has extensive experience working with the public, in the business field and is active in the LGBT community where he will help promoting the Raelian philosophy.

Aramis-International was founded in 2004 by Maitreya Rael, who was the first and only spiritual leader to stand up in defence of LGBT, considering them as fully human and recognizing them the same rights and the same privileges as any human being.

He was also the first to declare that sexual orientation is innate in humans, that most individuals, to varying degrees, are bisexual; having a more or less high attraction to the persons of the same sex and a more or less high attraction to the opposite sex. This is all about genetics.

Tim Morris will work under the supervision of Frederique Dorsay, head of Aramis-North America (Canada , United States and the Caribbean Islands).

Congratulations Tim on behalf of all the members of ARAMIS-International
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