Masturbation should be taught to children starting at 5 years of age.” Unesco proposition.

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“Masturbation should be taught to children starting at 5 years of age.” Unesco proposition.

All Raelian members of ARAMIS are very happy to hear this news coming from UNESCO which confirms a part of the teachings of Maitreya RAEL on childrens education. This has been announced by UN commitee for education. Don't be surprised if orthodox religions are scandalized…
But this is just a first step forward, one step is still missing… the forgotten one is thee most important ! They should have talked about pleasure…not about HIV and AIDS…For sure we have to be aware of these diseases but for a child, the most important thing is to have pleasure and it starts in childhood.

« Sensual education is one of the most important things, and yet at the moment, it scarcely exists at all ». Raël 1975

Rael was teaching the importance of developing sensuality for humans starting very early in childhood.

« To be sensual means to let your environment give you pleasure. Sexual education is very important as well, but it only teaches the technical functions and the use of the organs.
Sensual education, on the other hand, teaches us how to gain pleasure from our organs purely for pleasure’s sake, without necessarily seeking to use them for their utilitarian purposes. »

To say nothing to your children about their sexual organs is wrong, and although it is better to explain what they are for, this is still not enough.
You must explain how they can gain pleasure from them…. »

This is what they should have talked about : the importance for human beings to have pleasure, which is the fundamental driver for living species and the essential purpose of life.

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